Halfway Point – Room For Improvement

Room for improvement would be on Charlton’s halfway season report after 23 League games played now.

9th with 36 points (with a game in hand away at 2nd place Shrewsbury in January) has now seen the Addicks fall away from the top six and with January/transfer window on the horizon, this is now the biggest month for Karl Robinson since his arrival over a year ago.

History would say that at least 75 points would be required to get a play off spot. A minimum of 39 points is possible in this league, but form/injuries would need to improve plus some new players into the squad.

Not ideal when automatic promotion should really be the aim, but to get 88 to 92 points from now on, would take a monumental run for that to happen.

History shows over the past 4 seasons that Charlton have been in the third tier of English football, that they have picked up fewer points in the second half of the season, than the first.

The main question that will be answered by the start of February is will the manager be given an adequate budget to play with by the current owner? Robinson’s recent comments are that for the first time he knows who he wants, but considering this is his 3rd window since being at the Valley, it does make you wonder what went wrong in the previous two, for him to make that comment.

No wins in 6 League games, mean we now have a section of fans questioning if he’s suitable enough to continue. If we still under the same ownership, then changing the manager would be nonsensical, however if new owners bought the club, then it would be a strong possibility that he would be requlinshed of his duties.

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