First 10 League Games. An adequate start

So ten league games gone and now time to start looking at the league table. I would have expected a minimum of 18 points but the last 4 games without a win have left Charlton in 7th spot and 3 points behind the 2 point average for automatic promotion.

First Ten League Games in seasons which lead to promotion.


24 points


22 points


19 points


20 points

An adequate start so far, and no reason why this cannot be turned around with the ability on show, but injuries to key positions is always a factor with a small ish squad. An injury to Pearce is a huge blow and hopefully he won’t be out for too long.

Still pick up 23 points from the next ten games and everything will be fine again, but fail to pick up half of those points, then I would fear for Robinsons time in SE7.

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